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Awesome work on this, Jess!! Once again, like before, love how you did the lighting, shading, colors, colored layers, background, and a...

Huh... Well, since this looks great, I will say it: its not great. It's AMAZING! :D Anyways. To be honest, I don't really know where the...

*slowly does a slow impressed clap after looking at this* I'm REALLY impressed, Jess. This is the first time I've seen u to a comic pag...

Alright. One thing I wanna say first. LOVE all the stars u put to blend in with the effects. ^^ And I dunno if Jess is taking a walk or...


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Joey Belmares
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a 15 year old artist/cartoonist and I draw my own fan arts and comics. Please enjoy your stay ^^

Back-up account --> :iconxxjoeybelm1024xx: xXJoeyBelm1024Xx

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200 deviations
[[Putting this as a journal just in case ^^']]

Hoi everyone! ^^

Alright, uh... First thing's first, I'm doing as much as I can on the commissions, so sorry for the long wait!

Second, I had an idea for a small project.. Probably ain't gonna be popular obviously, but its something.. ^^'

I wondered of making a comic battle of Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic vs. Chara Dreemurr and Bette Noire (by CamilaAnims)

I'll list their info and stuff below ^^

Sonic the Hedgehog (Modern) (SEGA)
-Age 15 to 17
-Loves chilidogs
-Pretty flexible
Super fast
-Spin Dash (charge a spin attack to go faster)
-Light Speed Dash (speed through a row of rings/blast away with a power ring)
-Speed Boost (blast through everything in the way)
-Homing Attack (aim at a target with a spin dash and charge)
-Wall Climb
-Wall Jump
-Wall Run
-Sonic Wind (energy from wind power blasted away)
-Speed Gauge (storing speed boost)
-Speed Break (speeding and breaking through the law of speed)
-Spin Attack (curling into a ball and attacking enemies)
-Super Sonic (transform golden with golden aura with invincibility, invulnerability, and excess of stats with the seven Chaos Emeralds)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Classic) (SEGA)
-Age 5 to 8
-Loves chilidogs
-Pretty flexible
Super fast
-Spin Dash (charge a spin attack to go faster)
-Spin Attack (curling into a ball and attacking enemies)
-Super Sonic (transform golden with golden aura with invincibility, invulnerability, and excess of stats with the seven Chaos Emeralds)


Chara Dreemurr (TobyFox, but the version from CamilaAnims's Glitchtale!)
-Loves chocolate
-Filled with HATE
-Has a real knife
-Red Blade (able to use variety of abilities)
-Red Slashes (powerful red slash, creaks, and explosion on impact)
-Dark Red Slashes (same as the red ones, but these have to be triggered in order for them to start moving)
-Red Shield (surrounds a certain area with a red shield that explodes after a few seconds or when triggered)
-Orange Blade (same as the red slash, but can change direction of the attack anytime until it impacts)
-Yellow Blade (shoot yellow projectiles, longer it charge, the harder the impact)
-Green Blade (slash and a green and powerful shield will spawn)
-Cyan Blade (a sticky string comes out of the blade, when sticks to its enemy, only way to take it out is cutting the string)
-Blue Blade (knife blade disappears and large blue energy appears instead)
-Purple (throw a triple-slash attack
-Black Blade (generate an orb of black energy, of HATE)
-"My Special Hell" (Can only be used when blade is red; unavoidable, a deadly red wave of energy covers the entire area, it burns everything it touches)

Bette Noir (Betty) (CamilaAnims's Glitchtale!)
-Soul of FEAR
-Made to be the only one to defeat DETERMINATION
-Isn't Monster or Human
-Has magical matter but has physical matter
-Has Akumu on her side
-Has been injected(?) with HATE; being rather corrupted right now for the moment
-Corruption (corrupts enemy's vision with something torturing)
-Pink Blade (main weapon for combat)
-Pink Synth  
- Rabdophobia (create a negative area where she takes control of all enemy magic and allows her to use it against her enemies)

So what do you guys think?

Should I make this M. Sonic and C. Sonic vs. Chara and Betty as a comic?

If so, who would you want to win? M. and C. Sonic? Chara and Betty? Or neither? A tie?

Plz lemme go, thank ^^

And of course, I'll be giving full credit to CamilaAnims ^w^

Thank you ^^

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