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Awesome work on this, Jess!! Once again, like before, love how you did the lighting, shading, colors, colored layers, background, and a...

Huh... Well, since this looks great, I will say it: its not great. It's AMAZING! :D Anyways. To be honest, I don't really know where the...

*slowly does a slow impressed clap after looking at this* I'm REALLY impressed, Jess. This is the first time I've seen u to a comic pag...

Alright. One thing I wanna say first. LOVE all the stars u put to blend in with the effects. ^^ And I dunno if Jess is taking a walk or...


Thx ^^
Mon Oct 24, 2016, 7:15 PM
happy b-day
Mon Oct 24, 2016, 7:07 AM
Thx ^^
Mon Aug 1, 2016, 7:59 AM
Joey, I just saw ya, But dang ya awesome!
Sun Jul 31, 2016, 6:04 AM
Tue Jul 12, 2016, 9:44 AM
Joey is da best!! :icondummydanceplz: and h ijoey ^^
Mon Jul 11, 2016, 4:31 PM
Don't beat yourself up... Please....
Tue Jun 21, 2016, 8:26 PM
Hey ^^
Thu Apr 28, 2016, 3:53 PM
Wed Apr 27, 2016, 1:59 AM
Hey! ^^
Fri Feb 26, 2016, 7:05 PM




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Joey Belmares
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I am a 15 year old artist/cartoonist and I draw my own fan arts and comics. Please enjoy your stay ^^

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Well, here's the characters that I'll be adding in my series! ^^

I do have a rule or two for OCs though: I'm allowing only 20 people to add in only 5 to 9 characters ONLY.

Anyway, I already made a sketch of the map, having a total of 36 worlds/universes/zones (I should be uploading it soon), so here are the characters! ^^

Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog- Speedy Hero; Hero of Mobius
Miles "Tails" Prower- Sonic's Best Pal; Sky-high Hero
Knuckles the Echidna- Sonic's First Rival; Guardian of Angel Island
Amy Rose- Hammer-Wielding Heroine; Sonic's Self-Proclaimed Girlfriend
Shadow the Hedgehog- Chaos-Wielding Anti-Hero; Ultimate Life-Form
Rouge the Bat- G.U.N. Spy; Treasure Hunter
E-123 Omega- Walking Arsenal
Silver the Hedgehog- Time-Traveling Hero 
Blaze the Cat- Heroine of the Sol Dimension; Princess of Fire; Guardian of the Sol Emeralds
Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik- Mad Scientist; Sonic's Arch-Nemesis; Egg Emperor
Metal Sonic- Sonic's Metallic Counterpart
Mecha Sonic- Rogue and Powerful Weapon
Vector the Crocodile- Leader of Team Chaotix
Espio the Chameleon- Chaotix Ninja
Charmy Bee- Junior Chaotix
Ray the Flying-Squirrel- Chaotix Flyer
Mighty the Armadillo- Chaotix Strong-Arm
Chaos- God of Destruction; Living Wave
Tikal: Spirit of the Master Emerald
Sally Acorn- Princess of Mobotropolis; Leader of the Freedom Fighters
Antione D'Coolette- Brave(ish) Soldier
Bunnie Rabbot D'Coolette- Strong Rabbit-Half-Robot
Rotor Walrus- Mechanic of the Freedom Fighters
Bernadette Ann the Hedgehog- Mother of Sonic
Jules Grant the Hedgehog- Father of Sonic
Charles "Chuck" the Hedgehog- Uncle of Sonic; Researcher
Snively Collons Robotnik- Nephew of Dr. Eggman
Orbot and Cubot- Lackeys of Dr. Eggman
Ixis Naugus- Wizard from the Void
King Max Acorn- King of Mobotropolis
Nicole the Holo-Lynx- Advanced A.I.
Shard- Rogue/Rebuilt Metal Sonic With A Change of Heart
Scourge the Hedgehog- Sonic's Evil Counterpart
Classic Sonic- Younger Sonic
Classic Tails- Younger Tails
Classic Knuckles- Younger Knuckles
Dr. Robotnik- Younger Dr. Eggman

Super Mario Bros.
Mario Mario- Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom
Luigi Mario- Brother of Mario; Cowardly but Helpful Hero
Yoshi- Mario's Pal
Princess Peach Toadstool- Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Toad(s)- Peaches Loyal Men
Toadsworth- Peach's Steward
Princess Daisy- Princess of Sarasaland
Bowser- King of the Koopas; Mario's Arch-Nemesis
Bowser Jr.- Son of Bowser
Koopalings- Ludwig von Koopa, Wendy O. Koopa, Larry Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Iggy Koopa, Roy Koopa, and Lemmy Koopa; Kids of Bowser
Starlow- Representative of the Star Sprites
Prince Dreambert- Prince of the P'illos
Antasma- Crazed Bat King
Petey Piranha- Abnormally Large Piranha Plant
King Boo- King of the Boos
Dry Bower- Bowser's Skeletal Counterpart
Basilisx Koopa- Bowser's Greatest and Strongest Soldier
King Bo-Bomb- King of the Bo-Bombs
Rosalina- Guardian of the Cosmos
Kamek- Wizard of Bowser
Zeekeeper- Guardian of the Dreams

Sonic Boom
Sonic the Hedgehog- Speedy Hero
Miles "Tails" Prower- Intelegent Hero
Amy Rose- Hammer-Wielding Heroine
Knuckles the Echidna-Strong Hero
Sticks the Badger- Amy's Best Friend
Dr. Eggman- Mad Scientist
Orbot and Cubot- Eggman's Lackeys
Shadow the Hedgehog- Lone Anti-Hero
Lyric the Snake- 1000-Year-Old Mad Ancient-Mechanic

Paper Mario
Mario- Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom
Luigi- Brother of Mario; Cowardly but Helpful Hero
Yoshi- Mario's Pal
Princess Peach Toadstool- Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Toad(s)- Peaches Loyal Men
Toadsworth- Peach's Steward
Princess Daisy- Princess of Sarasaland
Bowser- King of the Koopas; Mario's Arch-Nemesis
Bowser Jr.- Son of Bowser
Huey- Guardian of the Paint
Kersti- Guardian of the Royal Stickers/Sticker Star
Lady Timpani/Tippi- Descendant of the Tribe of Ancients
Lord Blumiere/Count Bleck- Former Member of the Tribe of Darkness
Dimentio- Traitor to Count Bleck

Mega Man/Mega Man X
Mega Man- Hero of Mega City
Dr. Thomas Light- Creator of Mega Man
Roll- Sister of Mega Man
Proto Man- Brother of Mega Man
X- Dr. Light's Last Creation; Reploid Hero
Zero- Dr. Wily's Last Creation (I think)
Dr. Albert W. Wily- Nefarious Genius; Mega Man's Arch-Nemesis
Lord Sigma- Lord of the Virused Reploids
Rush- Mega Man's Loyal Dog
Bass- Mega Man's Rival
Copy Robot- Mega Man's Evil Counterpart

Dragon Ball Z
Son Goku- Saiyan Hero
Prince Vegeta- Prince of the Saiyans
Piccolo- Namekian Friend of Goku
King Kai- North Kai of the North Galaxy
Frieza- Emperor of the Universe
Shenron- Dragon of the Dragon Balls
Cell- Ultimate Creation from Dr. Gero
Lord Beerus- God of Destruction of Universe 7
Whis- Angel Attendant of Lord Beerus
Lord Champa- God of Destruction of Universe 6
Vados- Angel Attendant of Lord Champa
Zen-Oh- Omni-King of Universes 1-12
Grand Priest- Angel Attendant of Zen-Oh; Father of Whis and Vados  
Broly- Legendary Super Saiyan
Krillin- Goku's Pal
18- Used-To-Be Rogue Android; Wife of Krillin
Gohan- First Son of Goku and Chi-Chi
Trunks- Time-Traveler; Son of Vegeta and Bulma
Zamasu- Former Supreme Kai Apprentice of Gowasu
Goten- Second Son of Goku and Chi-Chi
Bardock- Father of Goku
Chi-Chi- Wife of Goku
Bulma Briefs- Wife of Vegeta
Mr. Briefs- World's Greatest Scientist; Father of Bulma
Towa- Time-Distorter
Mira- Towa's Advisor
Porunga- Dragon of the Namekian Dragon Balls
Ultimate Shenron- Dragon of the Black-Star Dragon Balls
Super Shenron- God-Dragon of the Super Dragon Balls

Freedom Planet
Sash Lilac- Heroine of Avalice
Carol Tea- Pal of Lilac
Milla Basset- Shy Friend of Lilac
Torque- Commander of the Chasers
Magister- Ruler of Shang Tu
Mayor Zao- Mayor of Shang Mu
Prince Dail- Prince of Shuigang
Spade- Brother of Prince Dail
Lord Brevon- Space Warlord
Syntax- A.I. of Lord Brevon
Serpentine- Apprentice of Lord Brevon

Shantae- Half-Genie Heroine; Daughter of the Genies
Mimic- Uncle of Shantae
Bolo- Friend of Shantae
Sky- Shantae's Life-long Friend
Wrench- Sky's Bird
Rottytops- Member in the Zombie Clan
Risky Boots- Queen of the Seven Seas; Shantae's Arch-Nemesis
Ammo Baron- Cyclops Military Leader
Hypno Baron- Sorcerer; A Baron of Sequin Land
Techno Baron- A Baron of Sequin Land

Kirby- Hero of Pop-Star
King Dedede- Kirby's Arch-Frenemy
Meta Knight- Leader of the Meta-Knights

Fone Bone- Adventurous Bone
Phonciple P. Bone/Phoney Bone- Rich and Scheming Bone
Smiley Bone- Happy-go-lucky Bone
Thorn- Queen of the Valley
Granma Ben- Grandmother of Thorn; Former Queen of the Valley
Great Red Dragon- Ancient Dragon; Son of Mim
Mim- First Ever Dragon; Queen of the Dragons; Keeper of Dreams
Lord of the Locust-Angered Spirit; Mim Possessed
Bartleby- Rat Creature Baby; Smiley's Pal

Frisk- Child of Mercy
Toriel- Caretaker; Ex-Queen of the Monsters
Asgore- King of the Monsters
Undyne- Leader of the Royal Guards
Alphys- Royal Scientist
Sans- Lazy but Surprisingly Powerful Skeleton
Papyrus- Sans' Energetic Brother
Flowey- Soulless Flower
Asriel- Diseased Son of Asgore and Toriel; God of Hyper-Death (with 7 Human Souls)
Chara- The First Fallen Human
Mettaton- Monster's Idle
W.D. Gaster- Former Royal Scientist; Father of Sans and Papyrus; the Man Who Speaks in Hands

Pikachu- Mouse Pokémon; Pokémon Mascot
Lucario- Aura Pokémon; Last Guardian of the Aura
Charizard- Flame Pokémon
Mew- New Origin Pokémon; the Original Pokémon
Mewtwo- Redemption Pokémon; Anti-Hero of Pokémon (of course)
Lugia- Diving Pokémon; Guardian of the Sea
Ho-Ho- Rainbow Pokémon
Palkia- Ruler of Space
Dialga- Ruler of Time
Giratina- Ruler of Anti-Matter
Arceus- Creator of all Pokémon
Reshiram- Dragon of Truth
Zekrom- Dragon of Ideals
Kyurem- Dragon of Boundary
Xerneas- Pokémon of Life
Yveltal- Pokémon of Destruction
Zygarde- Pokémon of Order
Solgaleo- Sun Pokémon; Pokémon of the Sun
Lunala- Moon Pokémon; Pokémon of the Moon
Hoopa- Ring Pokémon
Groudon- Continent Pokémon
Kyogre- Sea Basin Pokémon
Rayquaza- Sky-High Pokémon

Five Nights At Freddy's
Freddy Fazbear- Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Mascot
Bonnie- Freddy's Pal
Chica- The Pizza Eater >w<
Foxy- Underdog; Closed Animatronic
Mike Smidth- Security Guard
Springtrap- Rogue Unknown Animatronic
Golden Freddy/Fredbear- Former/Original Mascot
Marionette- The Puppet

Legend of Zelda
Link- Hero of Hyrule
Princess Zelda- Princess of Hyrule
Ganondorf- Great King of Evil
Sheik- Zelda in Disguise

The Murder Of Me (by Gigi-D )
Sonic the Hedgehog- Speedy Hero; Hero of Mobius; Son of Heephis
Miles "Tails" Prower- Sonic's Best Pal; Sky-high Hero
Knuckles the Echidna- Sonic's First Rival; Guardian of Angel Island
Amy Rose- Hammer-Wielding Heroine
Shadow the Hedgehog- Chaos-Wielding Anti-Hero; Ultimate Life-Form ; Son of Heephis
Silver the Hedgehog- Time-Traveling Hero; Son of Heephis
Zielo- Crazed "Perfect" god of Control
Heephis- Diseased god of Energy
Celios- Diseased god of Life
Antione D'Coolette- Brave Soldier
Bunnie Rabbot D'Coolette- Wife of Antione
Bernadette Ann the Hedgehog- Mother of Sonic
Jules Grant the Hedgehog- Diseased Father of Sonic

Sonic The Hedgehog Z (by CCI545 )
Sonic the Hedgehog- Speedy Hero; Hero of Mobius; Ki-Keeper in Training
Miles "Tails" Prower- Sonic's Best Pal; Sky-high Hero
Knuckles the Echidna- Sonic's First Rival; Guardian of Angel Island
Amy Rose- Hammer-Wielding Heroine; Sonic'c Self-Proclaimed Girlfriend
Shadow the Hedgehog- Chaos-Wielding Anti-Hero; Ultimate Life-Form; Apprentice to Vegeta
Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik- Mad Scientist; Sonic's Arch-Nemesis; Egg Emperor
Metal Sonic- Sonic's Metallic Counterpart
Goku- Diseased Saiyan Hero
Vegeta- Diseased Prince of the Saiyan
Shenron- Dragon of the Dragon Balls

(REMINDER: You can still register your OCs in the comic! Just please bear in mind that it will only be a certain amount, like 5 to 6 OCs. Thank you!)

OCs/Fan Characters Slot
-I have some of them saved for a few of my friends, so yea ^^'-
1. @DevinTheHedghog18 - Devin the Hedgehog
2. adp133 - Lazer Rose the Hedgehog
3. S0NICCHICK - Onyx the Hedgehog
4. Tomtodd774 - Tom Todd the Hedgehog, Krunch the Fox, Tiffany the Hedgehog, Natasha the Hedgehog, Emily the Hedgehog, Rod the Hedgehog, Nikki the Hedgehog
5. xXJimenaWolfGirl12Xx - Parsee "Carlisle" Rose Wolf, Brisa the Half-Demon Wolf 
6. SonicRulez21 - Cody Savage the Hedgehog, Ashley Rose the Hedgehog
7. Marie2003 - Marie Royales the Hedgehog, Lucas Royales the Hedgehog, Lia Royales the Hedgehog
8. TRIPLE84E - Spirit the Hedgehog, Maxinus the Echidna, Tygo the B.E.A.S.T
I already know what OCs I'm using btw, so yea ^^

Journal History


A picture of your character with their own soul (Human, Mobian, and Monster)
Reference Sheets
Reference Sheets of other OCs
Comic Pages
Colored, Outlined and Sketched
OC Poses
OC in Poses
Characters, OCs, etc.
Sonic official and fan characters

Darkrai vs. Deoxys 

13 deviants said Darkrai
5 deviants said Deoxys



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